How to effectively improve the screening efficiency of linear vibrating screen

Linear vibrating screen is widely used in the screening of dry powder materials in chemical, food, plastic, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, glass, building materials, grain, fertilizer, abrasive, ceramics and other industries.
The output of the linear vibrating screen is based on the width of the screen surface. The screening accuracy is divided according to the length of the screen surface. Therefore, the length and width of the sieve are one of the important factors to improve the screening efficiency of the linear vibrating screen. 
There are several methods for improving the efficiency of linear vibrating screen.
1. To improve the aperture ratio of the sieve, and the high aperture ratio is beneficial to improve the screening effect;
2. To adjust the feeding mode. The materials must be fed along the full screen width, so that the screen surface must be fully utilized;
3. To reduce the probability of clogging of the screen mesh, through increase the quantity of bouncing balls to clean the screen or install ultrasonic device;
4. In some circumstances, adjusting the inclination of the linear vibrating screen, because the proper inclination of the machine will help reduce the thickness of the material and achieve thin layer screening;
5. To increase the excitation force of the vibration motor;
6. To use multi-layers screening, in this way this machine can improve the screening yield and precision.