Common problems of screw conveyor

Screw conveyor is a conveying equipment which is widely used in chemical industry, building materials, grain, mining and so on, which is mainly used to convey powder, granular and small block materials. Below are some of related knowledge of screw conveyor, hope you can get the information what you want.

Question1:what materials can’t be conveyed by screw conveyor? Why?
Answer: The screw conveyor can’t convey the material which are perishable material, sticky material, and easy caking material. Because when conveying, the material will stick to the flights, cause the blocking of equipment, and then affect the equipment’s operation, and affect the capacity.

Question2: For screw conveyor equipment, what’s the meaning of “ length”, and “ inlet to discharge length”?
Answer: the screw conveyor length means the dimension size of installation. The inlet to discharge length of screw conveyor means the inlet point to discharging point length, also called conveying length/distance.

Question 3: screw conveyor’s technology development, where do it mainly embodies?
Answer: a. Screw conveyor functional diversification and application scope expansion.
b. The equipment and technology of screw conveyor have been greatly developed, improve the equipment’s reliability.
The above information can help you to use the screw conveyor more reasonable, and play the screw conveyor functions well, improve the efficiency greatly.

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