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Describe:Screw feeder is suitable for lifting the powder and granule materials from low to high, it can also be equipped with the production line to lift the material. Commonly used with powder packaging machine, have the advantage of decrease dust, reduce labor

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Screw feeder is suitable for lifting the powder and granule materials from low to high, it can also be equipped with the production line to lift the material. 
Commonly used with powder packaging machine, have the advantage of decrease dust, reduce labor intensity, improve labor efficiency.


Mobile screw feeding machine is easy to install and mobile.
Large lifting capacity, fast lifting speed, no dust flying.
Automatic feeding and stopping is can be achieved when equipped with the powder packaging machine,
it can replenish the materials to the main machine timely, to ensure the continuity of packaging and the stability of packaging accuracy.
Model Outer pipe diameter Screw diameter Rotation speed Capacity Angle of inclination Powder
(mm) (mm) (r/min) (t/h) (degree) (kw)
GX133 133 115 290 4 0°~60° 3~30
GX165 165 140 290 10
GX219 219 190 290 20
GX273 273 240 208 40
GX325 325 290 208 80
GX402 402 365 132 100
GX500 500 485 132 120

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