• Rotatory Vibrating Screen
  • Rotatory Vibrating Screen
  • Rotatory Vibrating Screen
  • Rotatory Vibrating Screen

Rotatory Vibrating Screen

Describe:1, Classification: the material is divided into 2-6 grades 2, Filter: removal of particles in liquid 3,Removal impurity: the removal of substandard materials

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XZS Series Rotatory Vibrating Screen is a high precision fine powder screening machine. The fundamental principle is that the unbalanced weight dropper installed on the top and bottom ends of motor changes the rotation motion of motor to horizontal, vertical and inclined three-dimensional motions, and then passes this motion to screen surface, achieving the purpose of classification, filtering and removal of impurities.

1. It can be used with single or multilayer screen cloth.
2. Automatic discharge of materials, continuous operation.
3. No dead corner of parts, easy rinse thoroughly and disinfection.
4. High screening precision, high efficiency, suitable for any powder, grain and mucus materials.
5. New grid structure, long service life of screen cloth, only 3-5min for screen replacement.
6. Small volume, less space occupation, easy to move, 360 degree adjustment of discharge opening.
7. Fully enclosed structure, no flying dust, no liquid leakage, no blocking of mesh opening, screen can reach 500 meshes, and filter can reach 5μm.


Production equipments

type power Screen diameter Outline dimension Screen number
XZS-600 -1F -2F -3F 0.37KW 560mm 700×770×720 700×770×820 700×770×920 1 2 3
XZS-800 -1F -2F -3F 0.55KW 760mm 900×900×780 900×900×930 920×920×1080 1 2 3
XZS-1000 -1F -2F -3F 0.75KW 930mm 1180×1150×880 1180×1180×1030 1180×1150×1170 1 2 3
XZS-1200 -1F -2F -3F 1.5KW 1130mm 1380×1350×1050 1380×1350×1220 1380×1350×1370 1 2 3
XZS-1500 -1F -2F -3F 2.0KW 1430mm 1800×1800×1120 1850×1850×1320 1900×1900×1520 1 2 3
XZS-1800 -1F -2F -3F 2.2KW 1730mm 1950×1950×1470 1950×1950×1630 1950×1950×1790 1 2 3
XZS-2000 -1F -2F -3F 2.5KW 1930mm 2200×2200×1630 2200×2200×1800 2200×2200×1970 1 2 3

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