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Trommel Screen

Describe:1. Wide adaptability of materials 2. High screening efficiency 3. Large screening volume, easy for large scale 4. Good working environment 5. Convenient maintenance

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The main body of Trommel Screen is screening trommel which is composed of several circular screen clothes, and is in a tilt state with ground on the whole, the screening drum rotates under certain rotation speed through deceleration system, the materials are screened from top to down through screening drum, fine materials are discharged from bottom of screening drum front, and coarse materials are discharged from tail of screening drum bottom.

1. Functions: configured as classification, screening and grading
2. Types: open and closed types
3. Structure: carbon steel, stainless steel
1. Wide adaptability of materials
The Trommel Screen is widely used in screening of various materials, regardless of fault coal, coal slime and soot and other materials, they are all screened smoothly.
2. High screening efficiency
It is equipped with comb-type screen cleaning mechanism, no matter how dirty and miscellaneous the materials that have entered into the screening drum during screening, thus increasing the screening efficiency.
3. Large screening volume, easy for large scale
Under the same size, the area of a circle is larger than that of any other shape, so the effective area of its screening is larger, materials can fully touch screen cloth, thus the screening capacity in unit time is larger. It is also easy for large scale due to simple structure and convenient arrangement.
4. Good working environment
The whole screening drum can be sealed with sealing isolation hood, thus reducing the noise of equipment, and thoroughly remove dust flying, lump splashing during screening circulation process, avoiding pollution to working environment.
5. Convenient maintenance
The upper sealing isolation hood can be taken apart, which does not affect the normal operation of machine, and allows very convenient maintenance
type Length range (m) Screen number Mesh range (mm) Power of motor (kw) inclination (angle) Material quantity(mm) trommel speed(rpm) Handling capacity(m³/h) quality Outline dimension
YTSΦ600 2-4 1-3 5-35 2.2-3 35 20 10 1.6 5400*1150*1200
YTSΦ800 2-4 1-3 5-40 2.2-5.5 45 18 14 2.4 5600*1300*1500
YTSΦ1000 1-4 1-4 5-45 3-7.5 60 16 16 4.2 7400*1400*2240
YTSΦ1200 2-8 1-4 5-50 4-11 70 15 20 5.8 9480*1580*3400
YTSΦ1500 2-8 1-4 5-55 4-15 80 12 32 7.2 9700*1860*3700
YTSΦ800 2-8 1-4 5-60 5.5-18.5 90 8 45 11 1100*2400*4500

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